Legalization of Cannabis VS Medical Marijuana

The Green Party of Washington County here by recognizes the Green Party of the United States Platform and supports it.

3. Criminal Justice Reform

4. End the War on Drugs

a. End the "war on drugs." Redirect funds presently budgeted for the "war on drugs" toward expanded research, education, counseling and treatment.

b. Amend the Controlled Substances Act to reflect that drug use in itself is not a crime, and that persons living in the United States arrested for using drugs should not be incarcerated with those who have committed victim oriented crimes.

c. Legalize possession of cannabis/marijuana.

d. Strike from the record prior felony convictions for marijuana possession.

e. Grant amnesty and release from confinement without any further parole or probation, those who have been incarcerated for the use of marijuana in federal and state prisons and in county/city jails, and who otherwise are without convictions for victim oriented crimes, or who do not require treatment for abuse of hard drugs. Provide the option for drug treatment to those leaving confinement.

f. Implement a step-by-step program to decriminalize all drugs in the United States.

WE urge the Governor Mark Dayton and legislators to legalize cannabis and free and expunge all non-violent convictions immediately and with out prejudice.

We are also calling on all residents of Washington County, Mn. to call the Governor and let them know you agree and support this. his office number is 651-201-3400

September GPWC meeting

on Sunday September 22nd, the Green Party of Washington County will hold its monthly meeting at 2pm - 4pm at the Stillwater Perkins on HWY 36.

This is an open meeting to all members and the public.


Meeting that we will be talking about what to do in Washington County as greens, Discus the last GPMN CC meeting and vote on the GPWC, Washington County Fair.

Status of GPWC

Due party politics, I have to suspend the GPWC until we are confirmed as a state Green Party Local. I will post again when that takes place.

No further meeting will be held until this happens.
We are sorry for any Inconvenience this may cause.

GPWC Chair
Aj Janssen

Green Party to hold its 2013 Annual National Meeting in Iowa City, Iowa, July 25-28

The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2013 Annual National Meeting at Iowa Memorial Union University in Iowa City, Iowa, from Thursday, July 25 to Sunday, July 28.

Green Party leaders will begin organizing for the 2014 midterm election season. The 2013 meeting in Iowa City will also feature Green Party panels, workshops, meetings of the Green National Committee, and other events. Several Green candidates and elected officials are expected to attend.

"The meeting gives us the chance to evaluate the Presidential Campaign, plan future electoral and advocacy efforts and network with Greens from around the nation," said Tamar Yager, co-chair of the party's Annual National Meeting Committee. "It's potentially the largest face-to-face gathering of U.S. Green Party members in a non-presidental election year."

The meeting is open to the media and public. A credentialing page for reporters, bloggers, and other members of the media interested in covering the meeting will be posted online soon.

"Iowans, who live in a 'first caucus in the nation' state, have a history of being out in front on important issues: marriage equality, gender balance in state boards and commissions, integration of public schools. Henry Wallace, who ran for President in 1948 on the Progressive Party ticket, was an Iowan. Greens belong here in Iowa," said Holly Hart, secretary of the Iowa Green Party (

"Like Iowans, Greens are ahead of the curve. We're the party that's promoting a serious approach to climate change, reducing carbon emissions, winning a single-payer national health care program, moving money to locally owned and controlled banks, gaining a constitutional amendment to overturn the doctrine of corporate personhood, and ensuring integrity of the vote," added Ms. Hart.

Visit for more information and updates.

Green Party of Minnesota Annual Meeting

The GPMN will be holding its Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 22, at Brookdale Library, 6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Brooklyn Center.

There is good bus transportation from Minneapolis to the Brookdale terminal. Rides from the terminal to the library will be provided for those who arrive before 10 AM. Contact Allan Hancock 763-561-9758 to schedule a pickup.

January Meeting update

Green Party Seedlings of Washington County

We now have a new meeting date scheduled for 1/20/2013 at the Woodbury Library, meeting room A, from 2-4 p.m.  The library is located in the Central Park Center just s. of Valley Creek Road and Radio Drive on the east side of the street.  I am excited about this beautiful meeting venue and hope you can attend.  There is a coffee shop just outside the door to the library and if you choose to buy a cup, please feel free to bring it into the library.

We hope to discuss developments in the Green Party and make some plans for the coming year.  Purposed agenda items follow but feel free to add any issues you find important.

Tentative Agenda Items:

1.  Treasurers Report.  Bob Schmitz

2.  St. Paul mayoral race:  We have a strong candidate in Roger Meyer.  Should Washington County Greens make a concerted effort to support Roger?  Should the seedlings contribute funds to his campaign?

3.  Report on the MN Green Party winter members meeting on 1/12 in Northfield.

3.  Establishing a Washington County Local.  Aj Janssen

4.  Washington Co Fair plans.  Bob S.

5.  Future role of Jill Stein.